Nipa Brew started their journey into the world of craft beer like many others; as brewers at home, experimenting with various flavors and ingredients. Then in September 2014, construction began on their Microbrewery in Makati City, Philippines. A few months later, in January 2015, Nipa brewed their first beer using their 200L brew house system; and that beer was Tropic Haze. Not long after that, in March of 2015, Tropic Haze was made available to the public; and thus the adventure began.

Tropic Haze was inspired by Philippine flavors, climates and sceneries. And then they thought why not expand their craft beer styles to reflect different Philippine adventures suited to different people? Shortly after that, they released Sun Stoked Blonde Ale for beach getaways and Midnight Blur Porter for the daring urbanites.

Thousands of liters later, they are still at it. Trying to make new flavor discoveries and share their craft beer adventures with people they meet. With all the changes in life, one thing is for sure: Nipa Brew will always develop beers that will appeal to the daring adventurer in you. Whether it’s sweet, bitter, hoppy, or unique, surprising, quirky, they’ll always be brewing for adventure: bringing you beers you never thought were possible.

Nipa Brew will be pouring the following fine craft beers at the Angeles City Craft Beer Festival;

Beer                              Type                      Alcohol content

Tropic Haze           Wheat Ale                          5.5%

Sun Stoked           Blonde Ale                          4.5%

Bliss Point             Brown Ale                           5.0%

Midnight Blue        Light Porter                        5.5%

Drop Zone             India Brown Ale                 6.0%