Tickets for the 1st Annual Angeles City Craft Beer Festival are P250 per day and include 1 free craft beer. We also have two day passes for P350(includes 1 craft beer).

Tickets are available at the festival entrance. 

The Angeles City Craft Beer Festival is proud to announce that we have partnered with technology firm Pouch Nation, ensuring craft beer fans a unique, modern experience during their time at this amazing three day event.

Upon entrance to the festival and payment of the entrance fee, guests  will be issued a card that they will load with money at one of our loading stations . Guests will then use their debit card to purchase all drinks and food at each booth. The payment process takes mere seconds, ensuring less waiting times to get your food and craft beer(very important indeed!)

When you run out of load on your card, you can easily and quickly top up at our convenient loading stations inside the festival grounds. 

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below.