Cerveza Sagada was created from its owners' curiosity for different kinds of beer. Several trips abroad and sampling vast arrays of beer had this curiosity turned to a strong preference for craft beer's varied choices of taste and natural ingredients, then to interest in setting up a local brewery in 2013, now called Cerveza Sagada.

Set up in the mountains of Sagada, Mountain Province, Cerveza Sagada brewery takes pride in infusing local ingredients, like the heirloom Balatinao black rice, with their beer.  Coupled with this famous mountain town's fresh spring water, indigenous ingredients make for a truly unique craft beer experience.

Nothing like a fresh brewed cold one from Cerveza Sagada in the pine forests of Mountain Province Cerveza Sagada beer has been served exclusively on tap in their outdoor bar Sagada Cellar Door since 2014, but will be available in bottles by the end of November 2016.

Cerveza Sagada dreams of a collective effort in the Philippine craft beer industry - where creative minds and passionate palates share ideas to create beer variants that are truly artisanal in quality.

Cerveza Sagada will be pouring the following amazing beers at the Angeles City Craft Beer Festival.

Name of Beer             Alcohol by Volume             Style of Beer

Gusi                                  4.2% alcohol                   Violet Ale  
Alig                                   5.5%                                Wheat  Ale
Tumok                              5.2%                                Brown Ale 
Kapi                                  5.6%                                Stout
Amber                              5.4%                                Amber Ale  
Porter                               5.2%                                Porter